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10' x 10' PU Coated Ripstop Nylon Tarp: Coyote Brown

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To truly thrive in the outdoors, you need to understand the rule of threes. Humans (yes all of us) live by this rule without even knowing about it. We can survive:

For three minutes without air

For three hours without shelter

For three days without water

For three weeks without food

Knowing all of this, you can evaluate your needs when it comes to living, surviving and actually thriving in the wilderness. Now we would all love to pack everything including the kitchen sink into our packs and have all of the creature comforts we have at home when we are tramping about, but life isn't like the movies. Ounces turn into pounds, and quickly. You need a shelter that is durable enough to survive your adventures, but light enough to allow you to carry it over long distances. Here at Yellow Birch Outfitters, we think we found just the right one. 

This tarp made in Kansas City, MO by Etowah Outfitters is a real winner. Constructed with 1.9oz PU coated Ripstop Nylon the fabric is light enough to carry all day every day, but durable enough with it's ripstop weave to survive years or regular use in the woods, and the coating on the fabric will shed water like a duck's back! But it isn't just about the fabric! Careful consideration has been put into its construction by using looped tabs instead of grommets at all tie out points, and a reinforced ridgeline right in the center, along with it's own set of tabs running down the reinforcement. What this means for you is a shelter that can be pitched with amazing tautness allowing for water runoff in the worst of storms without any tearing whatsoever (which is a regular occurrence with grommets). The generous use of these tabs around the perimeter as well as the center line allow for myriad different setups to let you pitch your tarp in any way you need, regardless of condition or terrain, and the 10 foot by 10 foot size gives you a generous amount of square footage underneath to stretch out or maybe give yourself a little headroom. Personally, I like to pitch a pretty standard double sized hammock underneath and still have plenty of room to sit and cook a meal, or whatever else I may feel like doing, all why staying perfectly dry and shaded from the heat of summer.

The Coyote Brown color filters sunlight in a nice warm tone, but is also subtle enough to not cause any sort of color pollution in a pristine wilderness. Subtle is key when you're out and about. How many times have you gone hiking and had your eyes accosted by a glaringly bright round blob of a modern tent killing your view? Not here thank you very much!

This tarp rolls up into a respectable 12 inch by 6 inch size and packs away neatly in it's own drawstring pouch made from the same durable material. Weighing in at an easy to carry 32 oz this tarp is the perfect compromise between size, durability, and packability. Are there lighter? Sure! Are they more durable... I would guarantee not. When it comes to staking your health and enjoyment on a piece of kit, you deserve the best. We believe this is it.


Handmade in the USA by Etowah Outfitters in Kansas City, MO.