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"One Heartbeat" 6”x14” Custom Wood Flag

Original price $75.00 - Original price $89.95
Original price
$75.00 - $89.95
Current price $75.00

Wooden bourbon barrel American flag dedicated to the first responder & medical community

• Hand-crafted by US Veterans • Made from bourbon barrels • Polyurethane finishing coat • Veteran owned and operated
• Made in the USA
• Outdoor protective coating (+$5)
• Heart rhythm on the stripe • Dimensions: 6” x 14”


The AMERICA - "One Heartbeat" flag is a limited edition flag created to show support for the first responder & medical community during the pandemic. The flag has a heart rhythm on the stripe (stave) below the stars. Whether it is displayed in a home, outdoor space, office, or workshop, the “One Heartbeat” Bourbon Barrel American flag is designed to help us remember we are all one heartbeat America! Each flag is handcrafted by American Veterans from Kentucky Bourbon Barrels.