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Cooking Survival Box

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What is Included:

The Tasty Trifecta: 3-Pack Chicken, Pork, & Blackening Spices

Enjoy this 3-pack that includes each one of our best-selling, proprietary blended spices, all free of MSG, gluten, and GMOs. And each purchase helps out military families! These make great gifts, or just treat yourself to great taste!

THE GRENADE CUTTING BOARD: Get to cooking with this unique bamboo cutting and serving board in the shape of a grenade. Beautiful flat grain bamboo construction is gentle on knives when used as a cutting board and it also serves wonderfully as a serving platter.
Note: Hand Wash ONLY!

CARVING KNIFE SET: Ensure every roast, every turkey and every ham is perfectly sliced and carved with this carving set. Intended for long-lasting use and is constructed using high-quality material.

ULU KNIFE: The Alaskan ULU knife (pronounced ooloo) is an Inuit (Eskimo) all-purpose knife. The ULU is a great tool for cutting pizza, cheese, vegetables, and skinning and cleaning fish.

FINGER GUARD: This mighty finger shield helps protect your fingers when you’re slicing away at some veggies or herbs. It can be adjusted according to your finger size and it easy to use.

FRAG OUT STRESS BALL: Life stressing you out? Don’t become explosive! Squeeze the stress out with this grenade. Soft enough to chuck at someone’s head if the tension is too much.