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Art We Fight Monsters V3

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“I have scars on the inside. I’m not afraid of anything in this world that’s been seen.” WE FIGHT MONSTERS..”~Michael Kurcina

If we are out of stock a new order should take no more than 1 week from time of ordering and to be shipped to you. 

100% Polyester Canvas Print 20" x 28"

Poster Print 18" x 24"

Canvas only, does not come with frame






Some deep subject matter to wrestle with this monster: PTSD, physical injuries, loss of friends, lovers etc.

Maybe you're a Marine who did a lot of deployments and lost some friends, maybe you're a cop who spends time seeing hard stuff on the streets. Man has an internal struggle after he's battled a beast, and he must battle the beast within himself. He isn't a demigod. He's a regular Joe who is a hero to many. This shirt illustration symbolizes the brotherhood of man, men and women, that seek out and battle bad things. 

"WE FIGHT MONSTERS. I'm not afraid of anything in this world that's been seen. I have scars on the inside. My badges of honor. There's a light inside my heart; it's for others to see. I live to show the way to those lost and in pain. And you? Walk with magnificence. Cock of the walk. Lead the way or follow those who use their pain to fight monsters and the injustices in this world"~Michael Kurcina.

Every piece of Spotter Up art represents something deep and powerful! This art represents the cop, the soldier, the mother, the person that fights back against a screwed up world.

We don't care if you have scars from the battlefield, child abuse or divorce. Everyone has a story to tell and they can either follow that long line of men and women who state "woe is me" or they can break from the path and find a new track to follow. Spotter Up simply pushes the idea of being your own person, finding solutions to problems, and not being a drag on the world. Learn new things, impart wisdom, build friendships, and learn to not be a slave. There are lots of great sites and communities out there. Well, this one is ours.

Stay hopeful, stay strong, stay cool and be bad ass.