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T-shirt TSF Every Man can be Reborn

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What have you lost? Have you lost a job, a home, a friend or a limb? Have you lost a marriage or a brother or a father or your spirit to live? Have you lost your goals, your purpose, your self respect? Have you lost your way?

We sometimes feel useless. We are a blade of broken steel or a heap of broken stone; once useful, once powerful, once durable and able to withstand any blow and we felt that way until everything fell apart.

Everything can become whole again. Every sword can be reforged, every wall can be remade, every man can be reborn.

We who have been hurled back, and back, and back again must propel ourselves forward by any method we can. Rise up from darkened exile. Falter, halt, yet take heart.

Hope is not a place over there, but can be inside of you. Clamber upon the highest ramparts of this earth and recall the things you've heard and seen: the view of mist over a forest lake, the sound upon sea harbors when ocean waves break, fireflies rising in hot summer night, the giddy thrush's song at first light. The trembling breath of lovers, the shouts of men at war, the glory of the stars, thunderous waterfall upon rock and the brilliance of making your first silver dollar. Red eyed sunset over soaring hills, the sunken depths you plumbed and the unplowed fallows you've run and the sterile fact after fact after fact that illuminates how you have life... Let the memories of old ghosts die. Our spirit is poor but we are free to choose the pattern of our life and the paths of this vast earth and every towering summit we'll climb."

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This art represents the contemplative eternal champion and his incredible rebirth. He is an introspective man, and also a deliberate man when he is a man of action. He is not a perfect man. He has suffered a lot of pain. He knows sorrow due injustices in this world but he knows the righteous things that he accomplished. He knows what was in the past, what he is now and what he will soon become in order to do. He knows his purpose. He understands that all humanity is united in some way and so he must fight to save the world from evil. He looks out to the horizon as he connects with the universe filled with warriors such as him from the past, present, and the future. He hopefully waits on new challenges, yearns for new struggles and battles. His challenges are without end or beginning. He conquers his fears and runs towards the din of war.

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THE SAINT FACTORY Here we speak words and create art about life, death, God, virtue and honor. Take action. Live deliberately. Live vitally.

Color: Red