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If our rates seem high let us know via email! Rates are generated by Shopify and plugged into USPS Fedx etc. and when it seems off please let us know. We want to make sure you love doing business with Spotter Up. Email me and I will personally check the accuracy against the postal service price you were given.

Green Ops is a veteran owned and operated consulting company that has been offering specialized firearms & security training since 2005. Green Ops provides on-site training classes in the Northern Virginia area and mobile training to your location.


Mike served over 15 years in Special Forces, including three years as an Assaulter in a CINC’s In-extremis Force (CIF), focused on Direct Action & Counter Terrorism missions. He also served as an instructor for the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC) Course where he taught Advanced Marksmanship and Close Quarters Combat (CQC) training courses. Michael has been teaching tactical firearms since 1992 and holds a Master classification in IDPA and USPSA. He has Instructor ratings from multiple organizations including the NRA, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the US Army, SUREFIRE, Sig Sauer Academy and Tom Given's Rangemaster Instructor and Advanced Instructor programs. After leaving the military, Mike spent several years on numerous overseas US Government contracts.

Swords and Rifles must be earned at the Green Ops courses. 

As a firearms Subject Matter Expert (SME) he is currently hosting and co-producing his third season on a National Television show (Trigger Time TV) that is aired weekly with up to 45 million potential viewers, with an estimated reach of 20 million unduplicated homes in the US.  

He has consulted for numerous training facilities, developed, planned and implemented training along with providing instructor development. He has been a lead instructor, consultant, or Director of Training at over 10 different training facilities. He has trained civilians, Special Operations, military and law enforcement units in the US and throughout the world.