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T-shirt Free Will

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I'll keep my violence even if you abandon yours because I've seen the evil that even "good" men do. We're raised on myth that if one man lives in peace that all men will follow suit but I've seen examples of that well meant work and it's as useless as a cobbler's glass shoe. The idea makes sense until A wants X and doesn't want B to have it. Is there a world out there where peace resides, sure, and it's called in your dreams. Men aren't machines, men aren't light switches that can be turned on and off from dolling out peace and war in equal extremes. When we issue out one we hold the other in reserve, and this interrelation is necessary as the absence of light is to darkness with what Day is to changing to Night. It is not by kind but by degree. Should we stop planning for a better world, should we stop hoping for a sanctuary of peace? A tribe that puts its faith in a new clan may find some good results but in all likelihood will end up extinct. Men should learn quickly that their neighbors and enemies are likely the same. You can take my bullets, my blade and the gun on my hip but that won't change a thing. Faculty A is no different from Faculty B and the one thing separating us from kissing a baby and killing a man is choice. Channel a man into one extreme, and remove all options from the table, and he won't surprise you. Can you give away your desire to kill? Let's just ask the question "what's wrong with the world?" Just look in the mirror and see.





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