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T-shirt TSF The Eternal Champion

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Short Sleeve T-Shirt: Fabric laundered, 4.3 oz., 60/40 combed ring-spun cotton/polyester, Set-in CVC 1x1 baby rib collar shirt

 “The night is chosen, men of war come over the hills. They whistle and hum, making violence their priesthood, conferring death upon unholy men. I can see them, can you see them, these legion of savages running wild? We make ghosts, they make ghosts. See the spectral lights upon the hills, see the big birds, bringing big hurt to mongrels walking as if they are men? Men live and die in their firefights. I can see them, can you see them, their numbers increase all night long and it never ends....”~Michael Kurcina

The eternal champion whether he lived 10,000 years ago or lives 10,000 years from now will cross the earth to bring light and lift the world out of a terrifying darkness. His sacrifices will indeed be fantastic for they are an undying magic to a disbelieving world; one day a young boy inspired by the supernatural will seek to carry the same burden. The champion's weight if he truly believes in it will become a weightless flame that stirs a sleepy world to arise. Be the champion, carry the flame and let your path be an arc of fire in a dark universe.

The aura symbolizes the eternal 🔥 flame that surrounds our hero. He is protected while simultaneously giving off a powerful life force. He is an influencer who changes the course of history. The praying hands symbolizes his hopefulness, vitality and humility even though he doesn't always understand the motives of a higher power.

This art represents the contemplative eternal champion and his incredible rebirth. He is an introspective man, and also a deliberate man when he is a man of action. He knows what he accomplished, what he did and what he will soon do. He knows his purpose. He understands that all humanity is united in some way and so he must fight to save the world from evil. He looks out to the horizon as he connects with the universe filled with warriors such as him from the past, present, and the future. He hopefully waits on new challenges, yearns for new struggles and battles. His wars are without end or beginning. He conquers his fears and runs towards the din of war.

Here is art about life, death, God, virtue and honor. Take action.  Live deliberately. Live vitally. The Saint Factory is for those who want to make a difference in this world. Here we honor heroes.

Color: Charcoal