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T-shirt TSF Baseball Waking Dawn

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“There’s elation in you, there’s power in you, there’s the inability to contain your feelings yet you are focused because you are working to being truly alive. There’s the sense that you have a certain immortal energy coursing through your body and you can’t hold back what it’s bringing, so do something with it. Do something with it until the light fades and the dark comes. Do something with it until you can’t do any more. Walk beneath those waking dawns, stride into those welcoming arms of twilight, and then run, run, run like a delirious madman through the dark web of night looking for that rich treasure of life. Run until your feet hurt, run until your heart yearns for want of more, run until the answer burns into your mind.

You will run under cold rain, or snow, or hot night and you won’t give a damn. You will search for more meaning as you meander through dark parks and under city lights. Beneath the swirling stars, and the pulsing moon, you will uncover the footpaths of vitality, creativity, purpose and meaning but do not deny the answer they bring because they will disappear with the trackless dawn. You might only ever get one chance to listen and it does fade with the loss of youth, it fades like knowledge, it fades when you are dishonest, it runs like a river and is carried far away. It fades when you close your ears to learning, and close your ears to the words of your ancestors. Wake up and listen. Wake up and know there are precious and secret things in this world. Open your heart to loving, your mind to learning and your ears to hearing. Death will come. Pain will come, the end will come one day but tonight smile if you have undertaken the goal of being alive.” ~Michael Kurcina


THE SAINT FACTORY Here we speak words and create art about life, death, God, virtue and honor. Take action. Live deliberately. Live vitally.