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Pocket Bellows v3

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Some products are just a stroke of genius. One of this moments when you use it, smack your self in the head and wonder what took the world so long! The Pocket Bellows is so much so, that it has made its way into my own personal EDC carry. Seriously. There is one of these on me at all times (as long as I have pants on anyway).

Made right in Phoenix AZ by a Veteran owned company, it's as american as apple pie. This extendable stainless steel tube allows you to compress oxygen and focus it where it is needed in the bed of your fire almost in the same manner as a jet engine. This creates a surplus of heat in that area, and I'm being completely honest here when I say this will help even the most marginal of fuel sources light right up.

The Pocket Bellows will fit just about anywhere, taking up no more room than a 3 inch twig, and weighing about the same as one. When fully extended you have a full 20 inches of room to keep your face from the flames. 

The meager price belies its incredible usefulness, and I would strongly encourage you to make one of these a part of your fire kits. You'll be writing me to thank me the first time you use it!