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Annie Oakley - Straight Shooter Espresso

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$15.99 - $74.99
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Petite, refined, and perfect shots every time.. Our proprietary espresso blend pays homage to Miss Oakley; it pulls smooth and accurate shots and is versatile enough to be used in a delicious drip or pour over brew as well. We hope this brings you as much joy as Annie did to her fans.

* Standard grind option is medium-fine (ideal for home drip or pour over). Please feel free to request custom grind options in the check out notes if desired.


  • Annie Oakley’s Straight Shot Espresso – Just like Lil’ Sure Shot herself, this roast never misses its mark! We independently roast Brazilian, Costa Rican, Burundi, and Guatemalan beans to perfection and then combine to create the smoothest espresso blend you will find. We love it straight from the espresso machine but it is phenomenal in a French press and as a bold drip presentation.

  • Small in stature yet large in legends, "Little Sure Shot," Annie Oakley, inspired our delicious espresso blend. Annie Oakley spent five decades showcasing her unrivaled marksman skills for audiences around the world from foreign royalty to the American masses coming to view the famous Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Standing only five feet tall, Annie still managed to be the show's greatest attraction.