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Handmade Leather Expedition Notebook for Field Notes notebooks

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An expedition is a personal journey. Sometimes there is a specific destination, sometimes the journey is exploration and discovery itself. Explorers throughout the world from time immemorial have relied on a journal to record for posterity their thoughts, findings and musings of their daily travels, and would never be found without their favorite trusty notebook.

While you may not be headed into the deep unknown in search of the unthinkable (or maybe you are) a good reliable notebook is a must. It should be big enough to record what is needed without being uncomfortable, but it should also be unobtrusive enough to be completely portable with or without a bag.

Handmade for you here is just that notebook. Coming in at 4 x 5 3/4 inches and crafted from 8 oz vegetable tanned leather it is dyed and finished to be ruggedly dependable. The Expedition is thick enough to take the harshest beatings, while still being pliable enough to conform to the profile of your pocket and not feel like a brick. The book is stout enough to be usable while holding, so no surfaces are required to jot, sketch or paint your discoveries or daily necessities.

The elastic binding system will hold two separate notebooks (or more if you're creative). Another elastic keeps the notebook securely closed. A cord bookmark has been added for ease of reference.

This notebook is refillable with any staple or sewn bound notebook measuring 3.5 x 5.5 inches, and comes with a ruled Moleskine Cahier notebook to get you started. Add your own personal touches, marks, blemishes and life story to your new lifelong companion.

Comes packaged in a reusable canvas carrying pouch.

***Shown with optional edging and monogramming available as separate purchases in our shop. To have these extras done to your notebook, add the decorations to your cart and check out with all items at the same time. Don't worry, I don't charge shipping on those :)***



Proudly crafted in the USA by someone who proudly served it.

Materials: Leather,elastic,paper