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Herati Coriander - Whole Seed - 1.0oz

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Herati Coriander - Whole Seed - 1.0oz

Coriander is a must-have in any kitchen with its ability to add a tart, lemon-lime note to any dish. Native to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, coriander use has since spread globally due to its ability to add great flavor to both sweet and savory dishes. Coriander pairs well with spices ranging from cinnamon and nutmeg to cumin and garlic and can be used for seasoning vegetables and meat, marinades, and baked goods.

Rumi’s Afghan coriander is farmed in the Herat region of Afghanistan, where the terroir yields a complex but delicately sweet flavor with hints of pepper and mint along with the classic touch of citrus.


Rumi Spice coriander (whole)


  • Use as a dry rub or marinade with pork, chicken, and seafood

  • Add it to harissa, masalas, & dukka

  • Use as a pickling spice or as an ingredient in chutneys and marmalades

  • Season vegetables like celery, fennel, potatoes, & cabbage

  • Add it to your baked bread, cookies, & fruit pies

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