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Leather Card Wallet: Bison

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Wallets these days have taken on a new personality. Long gone are the days of large receipt-filled bifolds giving you an asymmetrical backside, replete with photos, discount cards and dry-cleaning tickets. These days a wallet is small, thoughtful and stylish. Heirloom quality materials and uniquely stealth designs create a minimalist package that sits happily in a front pocket (much to the chagrin of would-be pickpockets). 

We here have had this card wallet design almost since our inception back in 2014. Originally designed for business cards (and still exceptional at being used as such), we quickly discovered that it was equally as effective as a minimalist wallet! The button stud and flap keeps everything tidy, and when opened provides easy access to your cards!

This leather card wallet is constructed of 5oz. vegetable tanned English Bridle leather from Wickett & Craig: a tannery that has been making some of the best leather in the world right here in the USA since 1867! It closes with a single solid brass button stud, and is stitched with thick No.138 Nylon Thread. If ever anything was dependable and bomb proof to safeguard your identity on a day-to-day basis, this is it. The curved front flap reveals a convenient place to grip the case while your other hand opens the flap, and removes excess material that may flip up and bend around. The button stud is rounded to ride comfortably your pocket, and is permanently attached to the case. It will never break (under normal use) so you literally will never have to worry about buying another case! Lastly, nothing ages like vegetable tanned leather. As it travels with you, it picks up the oils from your skin and creates a wonderful deep sheen and depth to the color. The older this gets, the better it's going to look. Not many things you can say THAT about nowadays!

*** Add optional monogramming to this case by purchasing our monogramming listing available separately in our shop. When you do, we will work with you to design the perfect monogram from infinite combinations, then laser emboss it into the leather. Please buy both items (case and monogramming) at the same time.***

Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it.

Materials: English Bridle leather, nylon No.138 thread, brass