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Leather Cheek Rest cover for Bradley Cheek Rest

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You raise your rifle to your cheek, eye lined up perfectly to your scopes eyepiece. This buck is in range unlike the last two. You count the points. It could be ten. Maybe 12 but a few branches are in the way obscuring your view. He raises his head in majestic authority. Scanning the field. Listening. Sniffing. But you've taken every precaution. You're invisible in plain site.  You adjust for a touch of wind. Safety off.

Settling in you feel the warmth of the quality harness leather wrapped around your cheek rest as you control your final breath. You let the bolt perform its act. You think back to Physical Science class as your rifle perfectly demonstrates the beautiful exchange of potential energy for kinetic energy. You feel a surge of fortune. The shot rang true. You exhale the last half of air in your burning lungs. A sigh of relief as much as it is a necessity. You receive a nod from a friend. Your other mate is cracking a smile. Now the work truly begins. The freezers will be full this year. The family will be fed. 

A good cheek rest is a sure way to comfortably find your mark. With a  cover made of American Steer Harness leather you will be even more comfortable. More sure. No more cold plastic cover in direct contact with your skin. 

  • Expertly patterned to fit the Bradley Cheek Rest riser
  • Quality harness leather appx 3-4 mm thick
  • Simple glue process you can do yourself
  • Instructions included 
  • Your leather cover will attain a fine patina over time making your riser more attractive
  • weighs approximately 6-8 oz