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Leather Pocket Knife Slip Case: Sable

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Carbon Steel pocket knives have been around a LONG time. Your Grandpa carried one, your Dad probably carried one, and I can't be without one! It seems these days though that with all of the wonder-steels around, they've taken a back seat to the modern folder, yet there is a timeless charm to them that can't be denied. They work wonderfully, take a MEAN edge, and don't make people call the cops when you whip one out to cut open a package or remove a hang tag. And let's not get started about just how amazingly beautiful they are!

So why don't they see as much pocket time?

The answer I've seen time and again is maintenance. You see, carbon steel is prone to rust. With the daily hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to forget to give the old knife a wipe down, or throw a drop of oil in the pivot. Couple that with an especially hot day (sweat... steel's MORTAL enemy), and you have one sharp piece of rust. I know here in New England there are more than our fair share of days that you could wring your jeans out from.

Aiming to put my spin on the end of these problems, we have this pocket slip. This leather envelope provides the perfect barrier between personal moisture, and hair-poppingly sharp carbon steel. Measuring in at 4 ¼" long and constructed from 5oz vegetable tanned English Bridle leather from Wickett & Craig (a tannery making some of the finest leathers in the world right here in the USA since 1867!), it is stitched with Nylon #138 thread and finished with a water resistant finish so you never again have to worry about what your day is going to do to your knife (or for that matter, what the contents of your pocket are going to do to the scales and bolsters!). The side stitching provides a slim tapered package that hides that lump of steel in your pocket, while the top flap keeps anything else from getting in. Just about all but the biggest knives will easily fit (as shown with my personal Tidioute #38). Classic looks are designed to compliment the timeless charm and good looks of your knife.

Protect your investment, take care of your knife and in the end, you'll be able to pass it down to the next generation of knife-nuts in your family. After all, isn't that what you said to yourself when you bought it??


Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it.

Materials: veg tanned English Bridle leather, nylon thread