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Leatherman Wave (+) with bit extender Leather Pancake Belt Sheath

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Not much created in the 20th century was as versatile or revolutionary as the Multitool. I remember heading down to the PX the day the original Wave was dropped because I knew it was something I needed on me at all times, and it hasn't let me down since. It's an entire toolbox in one portable package. Whether camping, working on the homestead or hunkered down in the field, it is a most welcome addition. The sheath it comes with though tends to be a cheap afterthought poorly made overseas. Besides being a mark of pride to carry, something you rely on should be properly stored so as not to lose it! Taking a note from our regular Pancake Sheath we have been making for years for the venerable Trapper pattern knife, we have created a version just as secure, just as durable, and dare I say even better looking than that.  

Leather tabs on either side allow you to weave your belt into the sheath and keep your Leatherman (Wave, Wave+, or Charge) close to your body. My design goes a step further with a steep angled carry that creates a minimal profile so it won't dig into the belly no matter where you carry it (I know from first hand here... I am among the bellied masses). The angle also allows the knife to settle into the sheath adding more protection from your knife falling out when you bend over. An external loop and protected end slot keep the bit extender ready and safe, while comfortably flexing with your body.

Crafted from two facing layers of 5oz. vegetable tanned English Bridle leather from Wickett & Craig (a company making some of the finest leather on the planet right here in the USA since 1867!), cemented and stitched with #138 thread, this sheath will last you the rest of your days.There are no rough sides exposed leaving a nice polished look. Fits up to a 1.5" belt.

Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it!


NOTE: This listing is for the leather sheath ONLY and does not come with a Leatherman OR Bit Extender

Color: Chestnut