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Gold Rush - Premium Light Roast

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Our Gold Rush blend is a tribute to each and every frontiersman who made these journeys in search of greatness fully knowing the potential risks and hazards they would face; these legends' work ethic built the west and are the true embodiment of the American Dream.

* Standard grind option is medium-fine (ideal for home drip or pour over). Please feel free to request custom grind options in the check out notes if desired.


  • Gold Rush – Premium Light Roast – Our delicious single origin light roast is inspired by the adventurous spirits who forged their way west in search of a new life on their own terms and legendary riches. This high caf. Guatemalan roast is just what you need to jumpstart your days!

  • 1848 - 1852 was unquestionably one of the most influential periods of westward movement in America. The discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in California in 1848 lead to the 1849 Gold Rush. The dream of striking it rich and starting a new life inspired hundreds of thousands of adventurous souls from around the world to uproot and resettle in the west. This 1849 gold rush ultimately sped up the process of California moving from a U.S. territory to gaining statehood faster than neighboring areas.

    Almost fifty years later gold was discovered in the Klondike River in the Alaskan Yukon leading to yet another massive rush of people seeking their fortune in a vast, unknown wilderness. This Alaskan rush has been labeled several names, but we like to think of it as The Last Great Gold Rush. Truly brave and unwavering frontiersmen forging their way through the mountains to make their own destinies.

    The mining was arduous and dangerous work and there was no guarantee of reward at the end of the day. Some made a fortune while others toiled for years to no avail.