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M3 “GUMI” Papua New Guinea ANZO Tribal Bracelet

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All purchases will be supporting a small Christian tribe in Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬... it will help fund the missionary and village there.

These are super durable & fairly flexible, they’re hand carved by the village people in Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬

Feel free to buy a few as they look amazing in couples & triples, a smaller size for children will be coming but these current ones fit both men and women great and will also fit ankles. 

***Due to these being HAND CARVED... each bracelet/anklet will be different than the last and have slight variations in patterns even of the same kind. We are very excited to offer a unique hand made item that will support life & level of comfort in a foreign 3rd World Country. 

Please know any & all purchases of any amount help in big ways. 

Thank you for considering the “Gumi” (pronounces goo-me) bracelet, we look forward to seeing your posts after purchase, if you’re on Instagram please tag @m3_tactical so we can publicly thank you for your support.