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MILLECOR Mayhem Energy

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This anytime energy drink boasts 300 mg of caffeine for energy, brain-boosting nootropics for focus, and vitamins and antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals in your body and boost overall health.  Kill the canned, pricey energy drinks full of nothing but stimulants and sugar.  Embrace the Mayhem.*


  • Mayhem is a fun and refreshing flavor of sweet cherries and tangy lime.
  • Gruntz is a delicious, sweet and tart blend of banana, strawberry, lime, and grape candy.
  • Rocket Pop will take you down memory lane to the simpler times.  Enjoy the childhood flavor of those red, white, and blue ice pops from the ice cream truck.  Nostalgia never tasted so good.
  • Skuffles is a sweet mixture of strawberry, lemon, orange, grape, and green apple.  You may think you’re tasting a rainbow, but you’ll be seeing sounds… not a colorful arc.
  • Sour Gummy Worms is a mouthwatering, sour and sweet treat like those popular worms you love so much.
  • Sour Sweet Brats is the sour and sweet candy flavor you know and love with those ornery (yet sweet) brats.
  • Tiger’s Blood is a delicious take on the classic snow cone flavor.