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Annual Holiday Hank of the Month: "Holiday Grab Bag" 2020

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The holidays are upon us, and the chill in the air is making us bundle up to thwart the long winter ahead. It's also a time to think of comforts: the comfort of a warm hearth, a favorite sweater, a bowl of stew or sitting on the couch under a blanket while the cold does what it will outside your cozy home. For me, my thoughts turn to my "cold weather closet". That closet holds my heavier boots, jeans, sweaters... and flannel shirts. I actually get a bit (ok, more than a bit) excited about being able to dig into the myriad patterns of soft warm plaid that wait there for me each year. Something about that fabric in those patterns just does it for me. Sometimes I plan the outfit, and sometimes I just reach in and grab one at random... which is what we're going to do here.

This month's hank is one of three amazing plaid cotton flannel designs, and I'm not going to know which until I reach in and grab one to ship to you. I'm not even going to store these in one of the clear containers I use in the shop. Unknown, like a wrapped Christmas present in the mail. Those looking to purchase all three will of course be taken care of, and I will make sure you get one of each. That said... get in on it early for your chances of our actually HAVING all three, otherwise you'll receive three at random.

Of course I'm not heartless, and if you have yours set on one of the patterns specifically I'll do what I can to accommodate you, just let me know in the notes during checkout. No guarantees though. That said... try to have fun with this one. They're all great patterns, and don't we all deserve a little surprise now and then??