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Pathfinder Bottle Stove

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One of the oldest adages in camp cooking is: "boil over flame, cook over coals". Its the only surefire way to have control over the temperatures. Choose not to heed this rule, and you run a very high risk of ruining the food you've either fought hard to catch, or spent valuable calories carrying. Indeed, when you stop to set up camp, and the fire is fresh you should set up your pot over the fire to boil water for drinking, cooking and cleaning, then when the flames have died down ad a solid bed of glowing embers presents itself to you is when the real cooking begins. 

There are many ways and methods to achieve cooking over coals, from keyhole fires to hot rock perches to direct contact between pot and coals itself. The easiest however is to use a stove. A stove allows precise control of heat by increasing or decreasing the amount of coals under the vessel, all while allowing convection to create the breezes necessary to give the coals the oxygen they need to keep hot.

Being able to keep such an incredible piece of kit on us without adding to the bulk of our gear would be a godsend, wouldn't it? Well, here you go!

This stove is meant to nest with the Pathfinder 32oz. Stainless Steel cup also offered in the shop, and makes for a perfect companion! Get a small fire going, place the stove over the top and continue to feed it the fuel and oxygen it needs, all while retaining the heat you need to cook with more efficiently! The stainless steel construction allows it to deal with the punishment of outdoor life admirably. When you're finished, the small fire can be extinguished easily and with no trace left. Pack the stove over your cup, and head back out on your adventure! 

Made by for Pathfinder, will NOT work with Pathfinder Alcohol Stove (though it was never meant to, this is for coal cooking)