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Pathfinder Folding Skillet

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For those of us that have spent ample time in the woods, we know that cooking is a wonderful time to enjoy the sounds of the fire, and the smell of burnt food (that is, if you're a one-pot kind of person). Trying to do much beyond boil in your standard bush pot can be challenging to say the least! Frying an egg shouldn't be done in anything with 5 inch tall walls... Sauteeing is a bit easier, but you're constantly pulling the pot off the coals to check inside, which is trouble in itself. 

When you're tramping about, you worry about pack size and weight. You try to fit as much in as you can without looking like a Sherpa on Everest, which means that the mobile camp kitchen tends to suffer the most. We would all love a frying pan in there for breakfast, but man oh man does it take up space! Well, this one doesn't.

Made to work with the rest of the Pathfinder cooking kit, this folding frying pan has a handle that folds under the pan, saving a ton of space. When you need it it locks into place, so you never have to worry about losing your dinner as a sacrifice to the campfire gods. It comes with a bailed lid, so simmering is a breeze, and this pan even has a heat ring permanently attached to the bottom, meaning less hot spots and a more even cook! (we all know how important that is when cooking the morning bacon, or scraping the burnt egg off that one side of the pan that was hotter than the rest). Bannock is a breeze in this pan, and that makes it worth the weight.

The 304 stainless steel means you can scour the bejeezus out of it without worrying about rusting, and it can take the knocks your outdoor gear should be able to handle. It's sized perfectly for a generous breakfast for one, or a sensible one for two. Enjoy cooking afield once again, and add one to your pack. Your belly will thank me later.


Features (Per Manufacturer):

  • 8 inch diameter
  • Stainless Steel
  • Locking Folding Handle
  • Lid with D-Ring
  • Pathfinder Logo embossed on bottom of pan
  • Weight: 1lb 4oz