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Pathfinder Stainless Steel Bottle Hanger

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Yes, we know... this was originally a fish mouth spreader... It works wonderfully as one too! But if something is going to take up space and add weight in your pack, it had better be able to do more than one thing, and do it well. This little guy accomplishes that better than a lot of other gear.

This stainless steel bottle hanger is a perfect addition to your pack. Weighing a scant 1.4 oz, it weighs LESS than an Opinel No. 08. While you can't cut with it, it can be just as essential in the bush. By inserting into a wide mouth bottle and spreading the jaws open, the ends grab the shoulders of the bottle and make a perfect pot hanger! Paired with the Stainless Steel 25oz cup and lid set (which were designed to work with this hanger), you have a perfect combination to cook with over your fire. Use both at the same time, and you can easily have 57oz of safe drinking water in a few minutes. Cook with the pot, and boil water with your bottle and this hanger and you can have a meal AND a cup of coffee at the same time! 

Fishing? As we said before, this was originally made to hold a fish's mouth open for easier hook retrieval, and just because you're using this as a bottle hanger doesn't mean it won't work for that too (there's its second use).

When you're done, the slanted tips of this tool are meant to grab each other and lock the laws closed so it stores away in a slim small package that won't tear up your other gear.

For the price, it's an amazing gadget that should definitely be a part of your cook kit! Be sure to add it to your cart with the cup and lid set, and be ready for the woods.