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PocKit PICO: Custom Shop

Original price $39.99 - Original price $49.99
Original price
$39.99 - $49.99
Current price $39.99

***This listing is for CUSTOM SHOP PocKit PICO purchases only. If you're looking for one of our stocked versions, check here.***

Normal isn't you, and you know it. You have distinct tastes, and you're not afraid to chase them down, or wait for the results. This listing is for you. 

Here, you can request and purchase a PocKit PRO, in any of the special fabrics available in the custom shop. Here's how it works:

1) Pick Your version: Modern (2x 1.75" slots), or Classic (3 thinner slots)

2) Pick your fabric color: choose from our regularly stocked colors, or custom for some of the limited fabrics we may have in stock. If you're not sure if we have it, message us first! We usually list this info in our Social Media feeds.

If you choose custom, please make sure you write down the fabric in the notes during checkout, as there might be more than one style available. Not writing it down will slow down your order!

3) Pick your edging color: Choose from our regularly stocked colors, or again custom if we have it. Typically, we don't stock custom shop edging, but you never know. Again, please message us to check. 

4) Fill in the details: Let me know If there are other custom requests, like moving, adding or deleting slots, you have one last place to fill this in. In one of the first steps during checkout there is a place for notes. This is where you would add this in. Want a different color zipper? Need the front slots straight across? Howabout a loop of webbing to grab your PocKit? Not a problem! Feel free to message us first to ask if your custom idea is a possibility, we tried a lot of different ideas before settling on the current lineup and we know what works, and what kind of doesn't.

Only in stock colors will be used. We will not be buying fabric just to fill a single order so please don't write in a color you haven't seen referenced. If you need a bulk amount of items, purchase of custom fabrics and colors becomes a distinct possibility. We urge you to contact us to discuss your project.


 *If you're looking for something beyond the scope of the options available here, please message us to set it up so there is no confusion as to design or cost. 



The custom shop is a very old-school idea, which means it can have old-school wait times. There's nothing I can do about that I'm afraid. We're making these to your specifications, one at a time, and there's just no way to speed that up. Please be patient.