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Ricoh GR Double Battery Pocket Slip

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Ricoh really has something in their GR lineup. I'm a bit ashamed to say I'm a little late to that game, still being a pretty devout film shooter. The small size, robust build and absolutely huge sensor make the GR series one of the most potent (and EDC-able) cameras ever conceived. If i don't feel like carrying a big bag, I can slip this little gem in a pocket and not feel ill equipped for any photo-op that might present itself. Just like everything though, size comes with compromises. In this case... the battery.

A sensor and screen this size don't exactly sip the voltage, do they? To keep things as inconspicuous as possible, not much room was left for the battery, which means we as photogs have to keep a few spare on hand. That's where this story starts...

As a bit of a fanatic of organization, and an ex-vaper, I like to have my batteries secured. I've seen what happens when lithium batteries short out in a pocket. If you haven't... it's not pretty. Swelling, heat and eventual explosion or violent venting. If I could find a way to keep these little powerhouses safe, and slim in my pocket, it would go a long way toward making sure i could be ready and safe.

A slow afternoon in the shop provided the time and impetus to finally solve this, and here is the results. Usinfg the same battle proven materials as our PocKit line Cordura is 10x as abrasion resistant as Canvas, while coming in at a third the weight it was a natural choice, along with the Mil-spec tapes and thread. Dividing the pouch into two pouches allows it to bend with your leg, even in the skinniest of jeans, and the force stitched closed lid means i will always keep your batteries enveloped in weather resistant protection (so the sweat can't harm your batteries in the muggiest of days).

Coming in at 4" X 2.25" it's about as small as it can be, keeping with the entire concept of the Ricoh GR itself. Now you have no reason to not keep three batteries on hand, ensuring a full day of shooting!


Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it.