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Rising Patriot Trinity TShirt

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Rising Patriot Trinity TShirt

Rising Patriot - History: 

For the Christian Warrior, Rising Patriots are Patriots of Lord God’s kingdom, the God of the Holy Bible. A Patriot by definition is a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

While many of us are Americans, if we are Christians we believe and know our true kingdom has no end. 

Christians exist all around the world. This brand is meant to unite us all. We are in very trying times right now. The one constant in the life of a Christian is our Lord God who never changes and is always there for us. 

The wings represent how swiftly he comes to our aide, the shield reinforces the biblical reality that he is our only source of true protection and the stars (7) or (3) remind us of his perfection, completion and/or confirmation of his holy will as well as (3) the trinity (Father, Son & Holy Spirit)

  • Next Level 6210
  • 60/40 Cotton Poly
  • Water based ink, feels like part of the shirt, ink doesn’t rest on top of shirt
  • Multiple shirt color options
  • XS-3XL
Color: Espresso