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Saffron Spice Blend Gift Box

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A special and unique gift for any occasion. Help cultivate peace with all four of our hand-crafted and artisanal spice blends. This gift is sure to keep the cook in your life busy.

Each of our spice blends features the world's finest saffron, direct from Afghan farmers.

The Rumi Spice Blend Gift Box includes:

  • Our specially crafted Mulling Spice Blend, perfect for the holiday season.
  • Afghan Curry Braise: earthy and rustic with a curry-like quality. Featured in Blue Apron meals
  • The Kabul Piquant Chicken Saffron Spice Blend: fruity, zesty, citrusy and particularly interesting for sweet dishes. This unique mix of ingredients makes it a versatile spice for everything from desserts to entrees.
  • Our Paella Spice Blend: the perfect blend for fresh seafood and long grain rice or a sumptuous meat rub. The dominant flavor is the smokey paprika while the saffron adds floral notes and an edgy quality.

All of our spices and seasonings are salt-free and packaged by hand to ensure maximum quality and freshness. Packaged in glass - BPA free.