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The Rumi Spice Collection

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Refresh the spice pantry with The Rumi Spice Collection - representing our premium Afghan saffron, three whole seed spices, and seven of our premium spice blends. The ultimate gift for foodies who love fresh & flavorful spices or for the novice home cook looking to hone their skills for the New Year. The Rumi Spice Collection includes:
  • 2 Grams of our signature Saffron, sought after by award-winning chefs for its delicately sweet & savory flavor, is farmed & prepared in the Herat province - providing jobs to 3,750+ local Afghan women.
  • Our hard-to-find whole Black Cumin variety imbues dishes with earthy & woodsy flavors, grown wild along the foothills of Afghanistan's Hindu Kush mountains.
  • Our Coriander is a must-have in any kitchen. Farmed in the Herat region of Afghanistan, where the terroir yields a complex but delicately sweet flavor with hints of pepper and mint and the classic touch of citrus. 
  • Our Fennel, with its slightly sweet flavor profile accented with warm notes of licorice, brings out hidden flavors in a wide variety of dishes - grown wild in the rugged outskirts of the Herat region.
  • Our Ethiopian Berbere Spice Blend that encompasses the beautiful and distinctive flavor of Ethiopian and Eritrean cooking. Experience cooking with berbere before seeing it on restaurant menus - try this delicious Spiced Chocolate Bark recipe.
  • Our Sweet & Smoky Paella Blend is reminiscent of the Spanish coastline. Perfect to pair with fresh seafood and long grain rice in a paella or a meat rub with sumptuous flavor. Also - excellent in a Bloody Mary.
  • Our Persian Gulf Baharat, an all-purpose Middle Eastern spice, adds a sweet and savory touch to any dish. The warm spice profile of our Baharat means it can go from glazed lamb kabobs, burgers, and spiced eggplants.
  • Our Kabul Piquant Chicken is fruity, zesty, citrusy, and particularly interesting for sweet dishes. This complex blend will surprise you upon the first scent. Its unique mix of ingredients makes it a versatile spice for everything from grilled chicken to roasted cauliflower.
  • Our Afghan Curry Braise is a savory blend that adds earthy and rustic flavors, similar to a rub but with a mild curry-like quality. With notes of our fabulous saffron, it adds a unique twist to traditional curry flavors. Excellent in a Lamb Kofta.
  • Our Traditional Mulling Spice is exactly what you need to get ready for the cold weather. This complex spicy blend with notes of citrus. Warm up the soul with a hot glass of Mulled Wine.
  • Our Southwest Chili, inspired by the American Southwest's flavors, marries our black cumin's nuttiness with the heat from peppers like guajillo and ancho chiles. Let our earthy and peppery Southwest Chili help you create an enchilada masterpiece or an award-winning entry for a chili cook-off.
  • Nine recipe cards with 18 recipes to use with the collection.
  • Packaged - gift-ready - in a gift box.

All of our spices are salt-free and packaged by hand to ensure maximum quality and freshness. Packaged in glass - BPA free.