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Saffron Threads, 2.0 gram, Gift Set

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Give the world's most coveted spice to your loved ones. Each purchase contributes towards a more stable, peaceful Afghanistan. Two grams of the Silk Road's finest premier Afghan Saffron is a gift from the heart. The bright, red stigmas of the saffron flower are hand-picked to preserve aroma and flavor. Always sustainably-farmed and ethically sourced. 

The gift includes: 

  • The RUMI story and information on our farmers in Afghanistan

  • Recipe: Saffron Risotto with Roasted Butternut Squash

  • Recipe: Rumi Saffron Flan Napolitano. 

  • Tested in accordance with ISO 3632-2 as Category I (highest)

With the aroma and flavor profile of Rumi Spice saffron, you only need 8-12 threads when cooking rice or risotto for two. The amount of saffron varies by recipe, but a healthy pinch of saffron is a solid benchmark.

Add warm (not boiling) water to the saffron threads in a small dish. A few tablespoons of water is enough. You should see a golden hue begin to emerge in the water. Let the threads soak in water for 5-10 minutes, ideally up to 20 minutes.

After the saffron is finished steeping, you may add the saffron and liquid to whatever you're cooking, such as risotto, paella, or soup. If making a dish or sauce requiring wine, infuse the saffron directly in wine. The compounds are drawn out even further, and the flavor profile is more pronounced.

Another way to bring out the full flavor profile of saffron is to crush the threads with a mortar and pestle to a powder-like consistency. We suggest this for non-liquid recipes or baking, like when making saffron cookies or cake.