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Saffron Threads, 2.0 gram

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Two grams of our signature saffron packaged in a beautiful corked glass jar with premium foil-stamped labeling - looks as great as it tastes. Rumi Spice Saffron is sought after by award-winning chefs for its delicately sweet & savory flavor and floral aroma.

  • At home, saffron's versatile uses can provide you with endless recipes for saffron tea, cocktails, baked goods, and classics like bouillabaisse, khoresh, biryani, or paella.
  • Sourced directly from farmers - our saffron is farmed, harvested, & prepared in the Herat province of Afghanistan. These farmers grow premium, high-quality saffron without pesticides, preservatives, or additives - just land, water, & seeds.
  • Each purchase contributes to our mission to drive the local Afghan communities' economic development. In 2019, our saffron operations allowed us to work with 355 farmers and provided jobs to 3,750+ women.

Experience the elegance of the world's most coveted spice by supporting our mission to use Spice as a Force for Good.

All Rumi Spice saffron is tested under ISO 3632-2 as Category I (highest). No additives or pesticides. Packaged in glass - BPA free.