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The Buckaroo Dangling Pocket Knife Sheath

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Let me start by saying this is a design I put together years ago, and I've been using it ever since with both stainless and carbon steel knives. It is the most effective way to carry a pocket knife I have yet discovered (and I've discovered many). It keeps my knives bone dry, even in sticky New England summers working in the yard, or taking the scouts out on bivouac.

The Buckaroo sheath is an old idea, dating to the cowboys of the old west, who themselves borrowed the concept from Mexican Vaqueros. The word was "Americanized" to Buckaroo, and stuck.

You attach the sheath to a belt loop by running the sheath itself through the cutout in the lanyard, and it hangs perfectly at your side. The lanyard is long enough to reach both front and rear pockets, and when pocketed, hangs perfectly vertical, keeping a clean pocket line, and not digging in to your thigh when seated or bending. When needed, pull the sheath out of your pocket and let it dangle at your side for easy access, use the knife and slide it back in without fear of ever losing it or it slipping from the sheath.

The sheath and lanyard are constructed of 5oz vegetable tanned English Bridle leather from Wickett & Craig (a tannery making some of the finest leathers in the world right here in the USA since 1867!), then sewn with good thick Nylon #138 thread. Available in three fantastic colors, it will age and patina beautifully as it rides in your pocket.

To care for it, just use neutral kiwi polish, or reapply waterproofer as necessary. It is sized to hold just about any knife up to a trapper, and some bigger than that (like this huge Jack knife I have with a 4 1/2" blade). It measures 5 inches long and 1 7/8 inches wide.

Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it.

Materials: Vegetable Tanned English Bridle Leather, Nylon #138 thread

Color: Bison