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The Original DELUXE Handmade leather MTN Wayfarer Folder

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$49.99 - $49.99
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How do you make our leather MTN folder better? This is how! You've asked and asked, and I went to work. Now, it's available to you!

Finding your MTN a bit cluttered and disorganized? Need a few more little spaces for life's carry alongs, or want to rid yourself of that big wallet to make your MTN's ride a little roomier? This is your folder!

The Deluxe MTN folder keeps everything you've come to love about it and adds improvements found in our Expedition and Vagabond models. The left pocket is still a huge slash pocket, complete with card slot, but the right side has been remade to house THREE card slots, and a large receipt pouch. A pen loop completes the new details so a way to write in your beloved MTN is never far from reach. The card pockets are generously sized to accommodate multiple cards, so you can organize by card type or just leave one in for easier access, while the opening is pointed toward the spine to prevent pesky cards from slipping out while your notebook is stored. The receipt pouch is perfect for storing your checkbook safely and out of sight (being stitched on three sides), with just the one opening also pointed toward the spine for total protection. The pen loop is generously sized for both holding oversize pens (or a slim pen/pencil combo), or making sure that your pen nestles snugly inside, regardless of how many or how bulky your inserts are.

Now being offered as well are TWO folder widths, for those of you that like your notebook overstuffed, and those who like it slim and svelte. Just choose from the drop down menu!

Proudly made in the USA by someone who PROUDLY served it.

Materials: Vegetable Tanned Leather,nylon 138 thread