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The Original leather folder insert for our Expedition Notebooks, or Passport sized Midori TN

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I love my notebooks, heck... we all do. That's why you're looking at this, right? The one thing that always killed me when I made or ordered a new kraft folder was just how quickly it got ratty. To me, if I have something along for life's travels, I want it to last just as long as I will, and develop the same kind of well worn character as both the notebook, and myself along the way. That's what I said with the Original MTN leather folder, and it stands true here as well, only in a more diminutive size.

A handcrafted vegetable tanned leather folder that can take anything you can throw at it. Made from 2oz leather, it's substantial, but not bulky. It can stretch to fit a good amount of papers or odds and ends in either of its two pockets, and has slots cut for cards, tickets, a license... anything you can fit in the slit.

This smaller version also has a third pocket, with two different options! You can order it as either a receipt pocket, or have me turn in into a two card slot, perfect for using your Expedition Notebook as a wallet!

The folder is stitched with Nylon #138 thread (which is MORE durable than the mil spec stuff they use on their gear) so it's never coming apart. A scoop has been punched in the center of the spine so it centers in your notebook under all of the bands, and won't slide any which way. It's also oversized in the length aspect so even if you stuff your notebook full of inserts, it will line up with their edges just fine.

For an extra slim notebook, add a band to the scoops (I recommend an elastic hair tie), and slide in an insert!

This may not be the last folder you'll ever want... but it's going to be the last one you'll ever NEED.

Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it.

Materials: Vegetable Tanned Leather,nylon thread