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The PocKit: Classic Carry Urban Grey V2

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I'm an EDC-er. I'm not the least bit ashamed... proud of it in fact. I believe that every real man has a responsibility to have on him the things he will need to take care of a certain amount of basic tasks for both himself, or anyone he may meet in the course of a day. I never could understand some of my friends that wouldn't even carry a simple pen with them. They would tell me "someone will have one there". It blows my mind. In fact, back in my retail days my first test for a prospective employee was whether or not they asked me for a pen when they came in to fill out an application.

Part of the fun of being an EDC-er is seeing what other people carry with them. The odd lots of pocket dumps and gear load-outs are as individual as the person carrying them (myself included). Along with this litany of necessaries is the ritual of where they go, and WHY. Those with expensive knives and tactical flashlights don't want them rubbing. A lefty needs certain gear in the front left, just as the righty needs it in the right. Those that sit in an office all day don't want to be sitting on a wallet... the reasons go on and on. I had the same ritual, and it would always leave my wife in disbelief each evening as we snuggled up on the couch and she made me dump the hard lumps out of my pockets on to the coffee table (and yes, that was even when I was lounging around the house in my PJs). I have my "holy trinity" that need to be with me at all times because I'm ALWAYS using them (my flashlight, pocket knife, and pen). Other things are just convenient... like a toothpick or nail clippers.

Packing and unpacking myself a few times a day as I changed clothes got to be long and tiresome. If it was summer, I was always worrying about my carbon steel knife rusting, or some other randomness. I needed to do something. Cue the A-HA moment here! I first developed this idea back in 2015. I have spent the last year playing with and remaking it until I finally arrived at what you see here.

Measuring in at approximately 3.25" wide and 5.25" tall, the PocKit is designed to hold all of your small daily essentials, and do so safely and unobtrusively. It is crafted from water resistant 1000D Cordura Nylon, sewn with Mil-Spec Nylon#69 thread, and edged with Mil-Spec tape. The zipper AND pull are YKK #5. The pull is silenced with gutted 550 cord (great for opening while wearing gloves).

The PocKit is truly designed to be something a servicemember could take into battle (which means that the rest of us will never have to worry about it failing). The front sports three slots of varying heights to hold your "trinity" allowing easy access with sizes ranging from a full sized pen to a single aaa flashlight. The back unzips revealing a capacious pocket that holds everything else you may need for your day. The Urban Grey color works equally well no matter what you wear, and it slips neatly into your pocket where it is tall enough to not fall over and sit uncomfortably sideways.

What's MY favorite part? The fact that when I get up in the morning, I can slip this one pouch into my shorts or flannel pants and be ready to get the kids off to school, then when I get dressed it's just as quick to get ready for the day! At the end of the day when I retire back into those wonderful lounge pants, it slips back in and I'm ready to enjoy the evening. Cuddle time? It only takes me a second to make sure the Missus is comfy without her shaking her head in disbelief (which usually killed the moment to be honest).

Isn't it time you made EDC a little easier? I mean... that's why you carry the stuff in the first place...isn't it?

***PROUDLY made in the USA by someone who proudly served it***

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1000D Cordura,Milspec Nylon 69 Thread,YKK zipper and pull,Paracord