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The PocKit Pro: Classic Carry Urban Grey

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By far the biggest question we get here at Yellow Birch is whether or not the original PocKit can carry a notebook. It does, but not very well. It just isn't meant to. You have to bend it around a bit to make it fit inside the zipper compartment, and it leaves you with no room for anything else. I decided to do something about that.

You see, a notebook should be just as readily available as any of your other major EDC items (like your pen, pocket knife or light). You need to jot things down quickly, while they're still fresh in your mind... not dither around trying to get it out. And let's be honest, while we ALL love those little staple bound kraft paper wonder-bundles... they don't fare too well in your pocket. I can look at my collection of filled ones, and each and every one of them ended up being taped. Sweat, abrasion and movement don't mix too well with paper, especially here in New England summers! So your notebook needs protecting, AND you don't want to lose room for your other essentials. The obvious answer is to put it on the outside! The PocKit Pro has a large slot right behind the front pockets that will hold your Field Notes... Moleskine Cahier, you name it! Any single signature 3.5"X5.5" notebook will work. Having it there means you can reach down into your pocket to grab your notebook and pen without having to remove the PocKit at all. Everything standing proud and organized ready for you.

The PocKit Pro is built to withstand the rigors of combat, but match just as well with your office essentials. Hand crafted from 1000d Cordura Nylon, with Nylon No. 69 thread, YKK zippers and pulls and mil-spec tape, this will definitely be the last organizer you'll ever need. Slightly bigger than our standard PocKit, the Pro boasts 4 slot pockets on the front so you don't have to choose whether or not you want to carry a pencil or pen (something I would actually do... don't laugh!). The knife slot holds knives of classic nature, like the ones your Grandpa used to carry, or a standard Alox Swiss Army Knife. The light slot at the end is made for single AAA lights. The capacious rear zipper pouch swallows your other daily bits and bobs with a full length YKK zipper. You don't have to do it the way I did though! Find your own combination that covers your EDC needs!

Measuring in at approximately 4"X6" when filled, the PocKit Pro is just the right size for front pant pockets in shorts, jeans or slacks. Having everything organized in a vertical fashion means the PocKit Pro bends with the curve of your thigh, leaving a very trim profile in your pocket so you won't ruin the nice lines on those pants you love (though I can't attest to skinny jeans, and you wouldn't want to see me in those anyway!).

If you need the ultimate in EDC organization, but refuse to sacrifice speed of access, this is what you have been looking for.


Handmade in the USA by someone who proudly served it.