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The "Rat Trap" Handmade Leather Welted Pocket Sheath

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The Rat 3. Arguably one of the best fixed blade knives on the market. Great size, great steel, just great in general. It's also legal in most states for EDC, but really not the most people friendly knife out there. One of these on your belt tends to make uneducated people hold their kids a little closer. Let's be honest, it's a totally different world out there than it used to be. So how does a person carry this gem for their EDC in an unobtrusive way and still be able to get to it when the need arises? A pocket sheath seems to be the easiest option to me, and that's why I made the Rat Trap.

Constructed from 5oz vegetable tanned leather and FULLY WELTED (that's right... the whole thing) to protect the stitching from the edge, this pocket sheath is also wet formed around the bolster to keep the knife secure for casual slip outs. Solid copper rivets and #138 nylon stitching round out the build after all pieces are securely cemented in place. This sheath slides easily into any pocket; left or right front (unless you have a propensity for skinny jeans... but then carrying a knife isn't the biggest problem you have. Okay, unless you're a woman... skinny jeans are ok on them). It lays flat against your leg and shows very little. Great for dress slacks where having a knife clipped or showing is a big no no. The setup is designed to allow the Rat 3 to stay against the taller part of your pocket where it won't show, but easily grabbed for defense or that sacrificial apple you're ready to carve into tasty slivers. A spare welted pocket holds whatever else you feel like putting in there, be it flashlight or in my case, a more people friendly folder.

Please note that this listing is for the sheath only, and you're NOT getting my D2 Rat 3. If you wish to have something made for your blade, convo me and we can work out a custom job for you. Do know however that you WILL have to send me your knife for that as each piece is custom made for it.


Proudly Made in the USA by someone who proudly served it!

Materials: Veg tanned Leather,Nylon Thread,Copper Rivets