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Vern's Flint and Steel Kit

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Leonardo DaVinci once said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". In essence, the simpler something is, the better and more reliable it tends to be. While technology can bring convenience, it has this awful habit of not working precisely when we need it most. 

As a woodsman, we all strive to have all of the necessary skills to not only survive, but thrive in the wilderness. Firecraft is definitely at the top of that list. With a fire we have shelter, nourishment, clean water, and company in the darks of the world. Now I'm not going to say I wander off into the woods without a Bic lighter in my pocket... I'm all about the skills, but convenience is king when it's lunchtime. That said, I also wouldn't go into the woods without a backup. Two is one, and one is none right? Having a bomb-proof and waterproof way to warm yourself just makes sense. 

This is what I keep on my person in my belt pouch. Vern's Flint and Steel kit is a no-nonsense way of having as close to guaranteed fire as you can have, and all in a portable little kit. Vern himself went to great pains to make these, figure out the best way to make the steels, and even provides you with enough tinder to get more than a few fires going. Combine that with a next-fire mentality, and you have warmth for life. Even the tin is well thought out! Throw a square of cotton fabric in the empty tin, and place it in your fire and you're making more char cloth! As a bonus, the striker has a way to keep the flint sharp (it's all in the manual). The flint itself is English Flint, and it's a HUGE piece. Definitely more that you'll ever need. The sisal rope pieces, and even the jute twine used to wrap it all together are fire starting materials, and a handy illustrated instruction sheet is included for everyone that hasn't used one before (or in a while). 

Vern is a great local guy here in Connecticut, and I can't be happier to be using his kits. It's all about supporting local businessmen, and small businesses.

Check out the link below for a video tutorial using one of these kits: