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Whip Gold Beard Conditioning Cream with Beard Oil Set

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This natural beard cream is perfect for any man with a dry beard. The beard cream is made in Australia, handcrafted in very small batches under the careful eye of a skilled artisan. The natural and organic ingredients of premium grapeseed oil and organic shea butter are blended and then emulsified to create a high-quality product with a smooth consistency.

Select a scented beard oil to your unscented Whip Gold, choose from our 5 oil options.

What is Beard Cream?

Beard cream is a leave-in conditioner designed to add a protective barrier, prevent dryness and soothe the itch of a dry beard.

Application after washing and drying your beard will lock in moisture to your beard at the hair roots and skin underneath.

Moisturising with beard cream is an important part of your beard care routine to ensure that you maintain healthy cells and protect from irritation.

When your beard and skin are dry and irritated, it can cause breakouts and acne. By using a beard cream to condition your facial hair and moisturise your skin, you can reduce the likelihood of these problems.

Key Ingredients

Premium Grape Seed Oil: Adds moisture, strength, and shine to hair. Restore your facial hair to have a shine and luster.

Organic Shea Butter: This is a deep moisturizer that provides moisture to your hair at the roots; which makes it perfect for damaged and dry hair, and hydrates the skin underneath.

High-Grade Humectant: Adds a protective barrier to your hair and skin, and will continue to draw moisture out of the air so that you have a soft and healthy beard all day.


At Whip Gold, we focus on premium natural ingredients with real benefits. We only make sustainable and ethical products and do not include palm oil, petroleum, or parabens in our products.


Product Specifications:

  • Australian Made
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Ethical Ingredients
  • Palm Free Ingredients
  • Petroleum Free Ingredients
  • Non Carcinogenic Ingredients
  • Paraben Free (No Chemical Preservatives)

What is Included:

  1. A single jar of Whip Gold Beard Cream
  2. Instruction Manual

How to Apply:

  • Step 1: Wash your facial hair in the shower
  • Step 2: Dry off with a towel
  • Step 3: Apply a small amount to fingertips
  • Step 4: Rub through your beard

Perfect Beard Care Product for the Bearded Man - Our beard cream for men is the perfect gift any bearded man would love. Ideal for a man with a dry or itchy beard. Our unscented beard cream comes in an easy-to-use jar and can be combined with your favorite scented beard oil if desired.

100% Natural Ingredients - Our men's beard cream is made of 100% Natural ingredients. Chemical substances can sometimes cause skin irritation, redness, and other issues. That is why we have created this beard cream with all-natural ingredients.

Safe to Use - Our beard cream for men is completely safe to use. It is manufactured in Australia, following the stringent safety and hygienic standards here. Our products do not contain any petroleum derivative ingredients and do not contain parabens or other nasty chemicals.

Easy and Non-Greasy - This beard cream is very easy to apply and use. Your facial hair and skin will quickly absorb the natural moisturising cream. It will not leave that oily and greasy feeling that you experience with pure beard oil products. You can get rid of that old stained towel that you used to wipe your hands on.

Good for your Facial Hair and Skin - This beard cream was created to soften a rough beard. After application, you will find your beard is softer and healthier.