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Yellow Birch Outfitters 2021 Signature Edition Wayfarer (MTN Style Notebook)

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Five years is a long time to make the same statement, and I’ve decided it was high time for a change. My Notebook is a constant companion, always in my bag ready to take down whatever I can come up with; ideas, notes, designs, journal entries... you name it. The original was amazing, and it ages wonderfully. This is going to do even better.

The 2021 Signature Wayfarer is the same oversized dimensions as our original, with the same capacious interior meant to handle 4+ inserts, and folders.  It has the same 4 band structure with 4 cotton cord bookmarks to organize your life, and the same unkillable elastic closure. Where this shines is in the leather. Wickett and Craig English Bridle Leather has been tanned right here in the USA since before the Civil War (1860-1865 for those of you outside the US) and it shows. American steer, and generations of knowledge create a leather that is unparalleled in its beauty and durability. It patinas with grace creating a luster that just makes you want to handle it more. 

The cover is engraved with a woodland scene, while the well known diamond logo that has become the hallmark of Yellow Birch sits happily inside the scene, more subdued this time than last in an elegant relief. 

Included in this listing is ONLY the cover. Refills are all over the place, and half of the fun is filling it with what you want!

In line with the rest of the Signature line, there is no customization available for this listing. This is the flagship, and a definition of my design ethos. Love it like it is, or let me make something different for you, I'm always open to custom work!

Like I said before, this may not be the last notebook you'll ever want, but it's definitely built to be the last one you'll ever need.

Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it.

Color: Bison