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Yellow Birch Outfitters Signature Notebook

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You know them, you love them, and I've been working my keester off making them for you. The Expedition Notebook has been a staple of Yellow Birch Outfitters since our inception. Custom tailored to you, peoples all over the world carry their beloved notebooks (some have even seen combat!).

As a notebook system, it's hard to beat. Multiple bands on the spine let you carry as many, or as few 3.5 x 5.5 notebooks you wish, in whatever ruling you want. Add a folder? No problem. Thick wonderful 9 oz vegetable tanned leather that wears great, and protects like a safe. Every mark leaving a tattoo of it's journey with you through life.

This one is all of that, and a bit more. In honor of our re-branding, as well as our notebooks being COMPLETELY MADE IN THE USA, I have decided to release a special edition of this indispensable tool. Cut a little longer to handle 4 notebooks and accessories, edge finished and dyed in a timeless antique tan this special edition is emblazoned with a stitched on leather patch of our new logo. Proudly stamped on the back are the Stars and Stripes. Because of the extra length, this notebook comes STANDARD with 4 binding straps and double bookmarks. Gone are the band retention scallops, as well as the cut outs at the binding holes. The retention band hole has been moved to the spine creating a smooth writing area on both sides of the page. This is how I wanted my own personal notebook (which is happily in the pictures) and this is how the special edition is going to be.

While I know customization has been the hallmark of my shop, this one is what it is :). There are no options for customizing this model. If you're looking for something tailor made for you, please see our standard Expedition Notebook, or let me know exactly what I can do for you.

All of our notebooks now come with a MADE IN THE USA Field Notes notebook insert!

**Please note that the photos show the notebook with an optional leather folder, and brass pen. These are NOT included in this listing, but only shown as possibilities of what this notebook can hold. What is included is the leather notebook, and a single insert. THANKS!

Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it!